What is Trauma:

Trauma is the result of negative events or negative experiences that lost sense of safety, and often times involve a threat to life. Traumatic experiences can make you feel isolated, overwhelmed, and hopeless. Trauma can be caused by one-time or repeated events such as bullying, domestic violence, or childhood neglect. Often times, experiencing trauma in childhood can lead to mental health issues later in life. Trauma varies significantly from each individual, thus therapy must be adapted to needs of individual.

Common Causes of Trauma:

Natural disasters

Childhood abuse (physical, emotional, and sexual)

Abusive relationships

Accidents and Brain Injury

Serious illness

Unsafe environment

Grief and loss

Veterans/Military service

Human trafficking

Emotional Symptoms:

Sadness, anger, or fear

Guilt, shame, or denial

Emotional outbreaks

Insomnia, or nightmares

Feelings of hopelessness

Difficulty with relationships

Physical Symptoms:




Difficulty focusing

Changes in sleep and appetite.