Client Testimonials 

“I started bringing my son to Lisa as a newborn and I was immediately comfortable with her treating him. Lisa valued everything I shared with her and would even ask me to hold him while she treated him at times. My son would calm as she treated one area, and fuss when she worked on trouble spots and week by week there were noticeable improvements. Lisa taught me how to do exercises to relieve his gas, helped to resolve the impact of his torticolis, worked with him through a severe tongue tie clip, and helped with his continued right side dominance.
Without hesitation, working with Lisa positively impacted my son’s well being.”

Thank you Lisa!

Andrea & Asher


“I brought my son to see Lisa for osteopath treatment at two months old. He presented with colic, constipation and regurgitation. After his first appointment, it was like a night and day difference. He was less fussy and a much happier baby overall. I continued bringing him in for a few more appointments as recommended by Lisa. Ever since, I can’t stop recommending her to all of my mom friends.”