How the Testing Works:

Tara utilizes her knowledge, experience and the EAV computerized equipment to pick which custom liquid herbs will be the best match to the client’s individual health needs to help bring the body back into a healthy balance. Herbs are food for the body with a solid nutritional value which includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes, and fiber.

Herbs are balanced, effective and safe to use with all health conditions. Herbs have their unique energy field, just as human beings have their own unique DNA. During the EAV computerized health evaluation, Tara matches the specific herbal vibration to your particular energetic needs and physical needs at the cellular level in order to rebalance the organ system back to around 50.

The results from your Electro-acupressure computerized health test are saved in a computer database allowing a graphical comparison to the results of your next visit. This will show the improvements you have experienced using your customized herbal formulas, as well as the implementation of any lifestyle adjustments recommended.

Herbal therapy will work on helping your organ systems get stronger, heal and repair, remove any toxins, replace any nutrients that are deficient, balance any micro-organisms that may need to be eliminated. Our herbal therapy program helps your entire body heal itself all at the same time.