C0B6B848-3500-4E05-B606-BFB4CF540D72_1_201_aMeet Theresa our Colon Hydro therapist: 

Theresa knew that she was a natural caregiver from a very young age, growing up in a large extended family, helping to watch and take care of the younger children. Her natural abilities led her to taking a Personal Support Worker and Community Service Worker programs where she started work at a recreational facility with focus on early childhood and the senior adult day programs. As she then stepped into motherhood, Theresa decided to place her focus on entrepreneurship where she developed her own business and focused on self care which led her to her very own health journey.

Upon learning the importance of her own health language Theresa naturally wanted to share it by helping others with theirs as well and completed the Colon Hydrotherapy course. Theresa believes that the time is now for moving towards better health and is passionate about helping others achieve their very own health goals.