Can I see an Osteopath during pregnancy?

Osteopathy is a safe form of physical therapy through all stages of pregnancy. Your practitioner will only use techniques and forms of treatment that will enhance your health and well-being. Osteopathic treatment is helpful in assisting the body to adapt to the postural changes and makes the pregnancy much more comfortable. An important part of preparation for childbirth is to ensure that the mother’s pelvis is structurally balanced and able to allow the passage of the baby down the birth canal.

Osteopathy during pregnancy typically helps with:

  • The alleviation of pelvic pain, back, neck, and shoulder pain

  • A sharp reduction in reports of heartburn, nausea and vomiting

  • Maintaining optimal breathing patterns

  • Regulation of the body’s digestive system

  • After pregnancy, osteopathic treatment can also play a role in helping the body return to normal. Including:

  • Helping to restore pelvic alignment and posture

  • Assisting with any aches or pains which may arise from poor breast-feeding posture, lifting and carrying, or repetitive strain

  • Helping to alleviate back pain

  • Aiding recovery in the aftermath of C-sections

  • Osteopathy’s holistic benefits mean it can it help with bladder or incontinence problems in the aftermath of pregnancy