Herbal Tincture Information:

Herbal remedies are available in liquid tinctures, teas, tablets and capsules. Liquid herbal tinctures have an advantage over other forms of herbal supplements because they are highly absorbable and more potent than teas or pills.

All herbal tinctures are made to order from Nature’s Healthy Balance in London Ontario. They create high quality customized tinctures for your individual needs, based off your test results. These superior quality custom liquid herbal tinctures (100 percent absorption) will help improve your state of health by detoxifying, nourishing, strengthening, repairing on the cellular level and revitalizing the energy flow to all of your organ systems and tissues.

We do not know how many bottles of herbs a client will need until after we complete the EAV computerized health testing. Generally, new clients require 5-8 bottles of herbs the first time they come in.  A detailed health summary written by Tara is also included after your initial health consultation. You will receive the health summary by email and the custom-made herbal tinctures will arrive at your home by FedEx within 7 days of your visit.

Our custom liquid tinctures maintain the efficacy of their herbal ingredients and are extremely concentrated due to a special vacuum extraction method used in the manufacturing process. Tinctures are easy to dispense, easy to take and very effective. Herbal remedies given under the supervision of a trained herbalist are completely safe.

Herbalists uses herbs to cleanse, nourish, strengthen, detoxify, energize and balance the body’s organ systems, promoting health and creating balance in the body.

The primary goal of a herbalist is to address the cause of illness rather than to simply treat or suppress symptoms.