IMG_4904Meet Tara Pasher:

The Master Herbalist

Ionic Foot-bath Provider

    Food Sensitivities Provider:

In 2019 Tara Pasher graduated from an extensive 3 year program from from Wild Rose College in British Columbia as a master herbalist. She studied the body in its entirety and is so excited to share she’s accepting new patients! Some academic areas of focus were: Iridology, Traditional Chinese medicine, The History of Herbal Medicine, Botany, Advanced Herbology, Advanced Nutrition, Western Materia Medica, Anatomy and Physiology and Herbal Pharmacy. Additionally, Tara completed 300 practicum hours at the clinic Natures Healthy Balance in Komoka Ontario

Furthermore she has studied the EDS training from Dr. Sandra Stewart ND in North Carolina and Jenny Thomas herbalist/homeopath in London Ontario.

Tara is a soft-spoken amazing therapist, who cares immensely for each patient that walks through her door. Her caring nature and warm personality will have you feeling better from the get go.

In her spare time, she enjoys her passion for art; specifically painting and drawing :-) Tara likes to practice meditation, yoga, cooking and most of all loves learning.

A Certified Master Herbalist who assists clients by determining the cause of their health conditions. For Tara to help you with your health condition, you would have to book an appointment for a complete computerized health evaluation. Tara understands that dealing with a client’s health is much more than just a diagnosis of disease.

Rather, each client is a unique individual dealing with health imbalances that have manifested and within whom this manifestation can be reversed. The body has the natural ability to heal itself. Tara is eager to assist each client by creating a plan to utilize customized liquid herbal tinctures, specific diet suggestions, and homeopathic medicine, combined with other therapies to help your body reach optimal health and wellbeing.