Meet Our Colon Hydrotherapist:

Tania De Silva Piques-Helget has graduated from Brock University with an Honours degree in Therapeutic Recreation and Leisure Studies.

Tania has been involved in the health field in various area’s since graduating. She has gained much experience working at fitness facilities, recreation and rehabilitation facilities, but most recently she has gained more than experience – she has gained empathy and compassion – she has achieved this while working as a personal support worker at community living.

With this experience, she is now using this compassion to help people to lead healthier lives and is practicing as a colon hydrotherapist.

Tania encourages others to make healthy choices and take care of their health. The colon is often overlooked as a means of causing illness in the human body. Tania studied colon hydrotherapy at the Canadian Natural Health and Healing Center. She takes pride in what she does and is confident that she will help increase the vitality of others.