My trip to Kirksville has been an absolute pilgrimage…to be in AT. STILLS home town and seeing paintings done of him on sides of very old buildings has been surreal. I have been studying the life of Dr. Still for over 10 years now and this week has brought the readings about him to life.

The AT Still university is inspired by what AT felt the students needed. There are beautiful big windows with tonnes of natural light and outside spaces to watch nature and get fresh air. There is also a medicinal garden where plants serve to heal the patients that come for healing.

Off in the distance there hangs an American flag where the grave of AT still sits so peaceful. The Museum is a true tribute to Dr Still; they have taken so much pride in maintaining the memorabilia from this amazing Osteopath. They even have his cabin and his first treatment building. In that building was his Osteo table, stool and anatomy skulls and skeletons from real bodies. We had the opportunity to browse through the readings of his work from the early days of Osteopathy. Having my fiance Karl shared this experience has been amazing too. He now has a better understanding of the reason and passion behind why I chose Osteopathy. He now shares my passion with my profession.
Other highlights involved seeing where all his of children are laid to rest.

Touring the museum and physically seeing his artifacts was life changing. Items such as his walking sticks, his boots, his hat and his hand written letters. Spending time with my colleagues has not only brought us closer to AT Still but also brought us closer to each other.

Check out some of the photos below!