Infra Red Sauna Fees

30 minute session – $20

Package of 10 – $150.00


The researchers linked regular sauna going to a reduced risk of cardiovascular death—specifically from coronary heart disease, heart attack, or related cardiovascular illness.

Specifically, those men who enjoyed time in a sauna approximately 2 to 3 times per week reduced their chances of heart-related death by about 27-percent. And, the risk was even greater for daily (or 7 times per week) sauna-goers who reduced their risk of heart disease by 50-perecent—versus men who visited the sauna only once each week.

Findings from the same study also found that regular sauna therapy extended longevity from almost any illness or disease, in addition to cardiac-related death (i.e., heart attack and coronary heart disease). During the 20-year study period, researchers noted a 40-percent reduction in premature death for those men who enjoyed a sauna daily (meaning 7 times weekly) versus those men who only popped into the sauna to bathe once per week.

Keep in mind that researchers noted that frequency (how often you go to the sauna) in addition to duration (how much time you spend in a sauna) also had an impact on your heart health and overall wellness. For instance, findings showed that those men who spent 19-minutes or longer in the sauna lowered their risk of unexpected cardiac death by roughly 52-percent versus sauna-goers who spent 11-minutes or less time in the sauna.

Although many of us prefer not to sweat, perspiration has many health benefits—primarily, it cools the body down and it rids it of harmful waste products (i.e., environmental pollutants, man-made chemicals in water and air, solvents, pesticides, prescription drugs, and nicotine and alcohol).

Several naturopathic studies indicate that perspiring in a sauna can reduce blood pressure. For instance,  Dr. Luke Fortney, assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, recommends sauna therapy to his patients for multiple health reasons, including high blood pressure.

In addition to regulating blood pressure, Dr. Fortney notes that sauna therapy is considered safer than prescription medication in the treatment of anxiety disorders, seasonal affective disorder (or SAD), joint pain, and for soothing painful muscle spasms.