Client Feedback for Herbal Therapy/Tara Pasher:


” I wish to share my testimonial on how Herbal Therapy has changed my life this past year. Tara has been my saving grace in helping me addressing many health issues through the use of her herbs and diet. Within a month after taking the herbs I noticed so many exciting health changes, felt more in balance, more energy, less stress, just an overall good feeling.

Unfortunately, I came down with Covid in the fall which led to long covid with many side effects. Working with Tara and her liquid herbs we succeeded in bringing my blood levels back to normal readings and feeling the wellness of the body. I’m so grateful for having Tara in my life and for the amazing healing powers I have witnessed on the wellbeing of my body. I highly recommend for you to contact Tara to learn about this incredible knowledge and her outstanding and compassionate care.”

Darlene T.


” If you have Lyme Disease, and any of the unfortunate co-existing conditions that go with it, you have to see Tara Pasher. Tara changed my life, and I am eternally grateful for her. I was experiencing declining health over a 5 year period, things that were explained away by lifestyle – too much sitting, lots of international travel, menopause. Turns out is was long term undiagosed Lyme Disease, and severe mould posioning, Of alllll the doctors and naturopaths I saw, Tara is the only one who knew what she was talking about and knew how to help me reclaim my health, and my life. I have been seeing Tara for 6 months now, and have gone being resigned to living suboptimally and in pain to feeling like a million bucks and being active again. Tara is SOOOO knowledgeable and also compassionate and genuinely commited to your optimal wellbeing. She is a treasure, and I highly recommend her. The staff at Vita Link are lovely too. “


” Tara is a kind, caring and well informed practitioner. I instantly felt comfortable with her. Tara’s knowledge of herbs in relation to disease/ healing and the body is remarkable. Through following Tara’s guidance and recommendations, I have been able to alleviate 95%of my symptoms in relation to Rheumatoid Arthritis, have better blood work results in relation to thyroid issues and an increase in my time in target with blood sugars to 89% in relation to Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes. After working with Tara for only seven months, I couldn’t believe how much my body had healed and how easy it was to do! I feel closer to the way I was prior to becoming ill than I have in the past 5 years. I have my energy back and am looking forward to life instead of being concerned about declining health. I highly recommend Tara and have set up appointments for both my both of my children and parents to see her.”



”  We have been seeing Tara for about 10 months and have noticed quite a difference in our health. My husband was very skeptical at first (not really into herbs or alternative medicine) but now he is definitely a believer! His eyesight has improved quite a lot and he is off one of his blood pressure medications thanks to Tara’s herbs and advice. His arthritis has also improved so that he is mobile for a longer period of time and able to be more active which also helps to improve his mental state. I noticed a marked difference in my lower back once I started taking the herbs as I could not stand for any length of time without being in pain (much better now). My blood pressure has become more normal as well. Tara is caring, knowledgeable, always available to answer any questions or give advice if we are unsure about anything and goes out of her way to help. She has been a life saver for our daughter who had numerous issues and is now doing much better. We have recommended Tara to several of our friends.”



”  I’ve been seeing Tara Master Herbalist and all I can say is she is amazing! She has helped me immensely! Her custom herbal tinctures have helped me to alleviate arthritis symptoms, adrenal fatigue, blood sugar imbalances, hormonal imbalances and just the overall feeling of the blahs. My husband has recently seen Tara and he already feels much better in relation to anxiety, digestive health and lack of energy.

We are both very much looking forward to the future benefits of her protocols. She is just lovely!”